Conference: Topography of right-wing extremism

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Right-wing extremism and radicalization are seen by more and more people not only as a threat to the community, but also as an individual threat to freedom, life and limb. But who are those who make up the right-wing scene? How can they be characterized and how can right-wing extremism and resulting criminal offences be prevented and prosecuted effectively?

In this context, the "Connect" project, initiated by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and Homeland Affairs, deals with cooperation between law enforcement agencies, especially the police, and civil society organizations, with the aim of identifying prospects for intensifying and improving cooperation in both prevention work and law enforcement in dealing with right-wing extremism.

The conference on the 5th and 6th September in Dresden will be concerned with different right-wing groups and agents in Germany, Europe and further G7-states, their characteristics and commonalities. Further, options of action against right-wing extremism of law enforcement and NGOs will be identified to determine hindrances and chances of cooperation between both groups. This will lastly initiate the conceptualization of new practical and constructive approaches to cooperation.

There are no costs for participation. In addition, travel expenses will be covered to the usual extent. Accommodation and meals will be provided at the event hotel (Steigenberger de Saxe Dresden).

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