Cutting Crime Impact – The Dutch touch: a problem-oriented approach to High Impact Crime (ProHIC)

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High Impact Crime (HIC) such as violent assault, robbery and burglary impact negatively on citizens and their communities. As part of the EU funded Cutting Crime Impact project a comprehensive, problem-oriented approach to HIC has been developed in the Netherlands by the national police, ministry, municipalities and a private research and consultancy bureau. This approach is called ProHIC. It provides methods and solutions to address HIC through a detailed manual, support materials and evidence-based ‘pearls of knowledge’ all available on www.ProHIC.nl.

The approach outlines a practical process for police, local authorities, residents and entrepreneurs to tackle High Impact Crime together. It starts with a thorough analysis of the problem by all stakeholders to determine precisely what the problem is, before deciding on the appropriate intervention. Defining and analysing the problem is key to the efficacy of a collaborative solution. ProHIC guides the stakeholders through the collaborative process from problem identification (scanning and analysis) to developing an action plan and evaluating it. It supports the police, relevant local and national authorities, residents and businesses to reduce and, where possible, prevent these crimes from happening.

In our online seminar Paul van Soomeren (DSP groep) and Armando Jongejan (National Police of the Netherlands) present this approach.

The seminar takes place today, September 22, 16-17 CET.

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