Conference: Surveillance Studies Network 2020

Visual acuity has historically been measured based on the normative value of 20/20 vision. Yet by the year 2020, the clarity of vision regarding surveillance practices and their implications remains clouded. The metaphors of vision and optics are central – and privileged – components of surveillance research. This conference considers three interrelated lines of sight to bring increased focus on understanding, evaluating and responding to surveillance.

The host Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication at the University of Rotterdam invites scholars, artists, and practitioners from a wide range of (disciplinary) backgrounds to critically engage with established and emergent surveillance practices, and the various dilemmas, opportunities and ambivalences these represent. Interested conference participants are invited to submit abstracts for this proposal. Submission deadline ist December 15. 

The conference will take place in Rotterdam, June 8-10, 2020.

More information regarding the call for papers, the submission process and registration can be found here.


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