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While the prevention of radicalisation has been one of the main pillars of the EU’s counter terrorism policy for over a decade, recent events have highlighted the importance and urgency of stepping up efforts to prevent and counter radicalisation more effectively. The Radicalisation Awareness Nentwork (RAN) is an EU policy tool. The network and its Centre of Excellence are designed to support objectives such as implementing deradicalisation and rehabilitation programmes (including in prisons), developing approaches for handling returning foreign terrorist fighters, equipping teachers and youth workers in addressing the root causes of radicalisation, and strengthening resilience, in particular among young people.

At the request of and in close collaboration with an EU Member State, the RAN CoE can support a country’s efforts to tackle radicalisation leading to violent extremism. The support can take four forms:

  • Train-the-trainer course
    Based on the lessons learned within the RAN working groups and tailored to the local circumstances, these courses equip participants to train other prevent practitioners in better understanding the process of radicalisation to more effectively prevent and counter it. Training courses may be general or focused on specific topics, such as family support, healthcare or deradicalisation.
  • In-depth Train-the-Trainer course
    Similar to the RAN DNA training course, participants are experienced national trainers or radicalisation experts with training skills who will be provided guidance and training material to deliver trainings themselves, on the topic requested by the MS State, and to adjust those to the national circumstances. A prerequisite for participants is to have had some form of training on the prevention of radicalisation before.
  • Workshop on a specific topic for a group of Member States
    With a view to providing practical guidance to national authorities and exchanging experiences and expertise on specific issues and challenges, workshops on specific topics bring together Member State representatives with RAN practitioners and experts. Workshops have in the past tackled issues such as the refugee and migration crisis and challenges for prevent policy or prevent communication.
  • Deployment of a RAN advisory team
    Such deployments are intended to support national authorities revising a national prevent strategy, reviewing a relevant policy area, developing a key project plan or building a national network/coordination hub for practitioners.

All requests for Member State support should be submitted by a national authority in writing to the RAN CoE, who, together with the European Commission, will assess its relevance, as well as the availability of RAN experts.

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