Interim Report of the British Youth Violence Commission

In July 2018, the British Youth Violence Commission launched its interim report, outlining preliminary recommendations based on its findings so far. This report outlines six key areas which the Commission would like to see policy changes in. The full report, due to be published in Autumn 2018, will build on these key areas. The commission’s work is ongoing and thoughts and comments on the report are welcome. Please email Vicky Foxcroft, Chair of the Youth Violence Commission and Member of Parliament for Lewisham Deptford (vicky.foxcroft.mp@parliament.uk).

The Youth Violence Commission of the British Government was established with the recognition that tackling youth violence is the responsibility of all society. The commissioners are therefore comprised of MPs from across different political parties, in order to seek a genuine cross party consensus on solutions to address youth violence. The commissioners will be working alongside the commission’s academic and strategic partners to seek evidence based policy solutions, with the aim of ultimately getting each political party to sign up to the final report’s recommendations before the next General Election.

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