SafeGrowth: Building Neighborhoods of Safety & Livability

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Great neighborhoods are not great by coincidence. They are great because they are safe and they offer opportunities for creativity, diversity and mobility. Mostly, neighborhoods become great because people there care for one another and participate in community life.

SafeGrowth envisions 21st Century neighborhoods of imagination, livability and safety. It is a people-based program that creates new relationships between city government and residents in order to prevent crime and plan for the future. While technology and evidence-based practice plays an important role, SafeGrowth approach builds community capacity with precise and measurable plans and permanent, problem-solving teams networked together throughout the city. SafeGrowth approach was developed by Gregory Saville in 2007 based on decades of criminological research and consulting work in crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED), urban safety and policing, including the formation of the International CPTED Association in Calgary in 1996. Since its launch in Canada it has now been adopted across a number of neighborhoods in North America and was in 2014 also first introduced in New Zealand and Australia.

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