Implementing and integrating crime prevention in Canada

Dr. Felix Munger
Canadian Municipal Network on Crime Prevention
Christiane Sadeler
Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council (WRCPC)

This session provides an overview of crime prevention practices in Canada using an example of a municipal crime prevention office and sharing experiences from the development of a national crime prevention network. The presentation begins with the key experiences of the Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council in Ontario and its role in the development of the Canadian Municipal Network on Crime Prevention. Particular attention is given to the historical and current relevance of the grass roots development of the network. In addition, the presentation will focus on some of the challenges of crime prevention using the example of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo and the wider Canadian network, such as the need for clarity on the term prevention, the tensions between intervention and prevention, the role of the city, public services, and the dependence on government support. It further identifies a number of successful projects and experiences, including the building partnerships, cultivating relationships and building a national community of practice to enhance local approaches. Finally, the presentation provides a glimpse of the planned future of the Canadian network and its role in the international arena.

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