This lecture will be shown as a video in the next-door Mahler Saal III.

Urban Safety through Women Leadership

Dr. Macarena Rau Vargas
International CPTED Association

The presentation will describe the relevant role of female leadership in obtaining higher levels of urban safety through the application of CPTED, based on evidence from various practical cases of the application of CPTED at the community level.

The presentation will describe the experience in a village in Puente Alto, a suburb of Santiago in Chile with high crime rates. This Villa is called Andes del Sur and is led by an elderly woman leader named Carolina Cancino. Together with her community and the municipality of Puente Alto, she started a CPTED master plan in 2021 that continues to be developed post-COVID, which has sought to increase the mental health of the community, community identity, as well as reduce crime indicators.

First, second and third generation CPTED has been applied in this initiative led by women in the Southern Andes to achieve higher levels of Urban Safety and Quality of Life.

Finally, the presentation will highlight the value that is added to the achievement of Urban Safety from the CPTED perspective with a focus on female leadership, especially older adults.
Dr. Macarena Rau Vargas
Dr. Macarena Rau Vargas
Architect (Universidad de Chile), Master (Universidad Católica de Chile) and PhD in Urban Planning (Universidad del Bio Bio, Chile) and Honoris Causa Doctorate from Mexican Claustro of Universities with extensive experience leading Urban Security Projects and Initiatives, both public and private, in Chile and in various countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Specialist in the CPTED methodology (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) with proven success in diagnosing, designing, executing and evaluating Violence and Crime Prevention projects from an Environmental perspective with experience of applying and teaching CPTED in various countries of the world.

She is currently the President of the International CPTED Association (

• President of the International CPTED Association from 2017-today (ICA;
• President and founder of the Corporation for the Prevention of Crime Through Environmental Design in Chile from 2005-today (
• Executive Director and founder of Publika Consulting Company from 2008-today (
• Member of the Scientific Committee of Urban Life 2005, Sweden (
• Reviewer at Journal of Applied Security Research 2020 (Routledge).


Monday 12th of June 2023
1:00 - 1:45 pm
Room: Mahler Saal II