ToNite – Urban security as a participatory challenge

Simone D'Antonio
ANCI –National Association of Italian Municipalities

Moderation: Prof. Dr. Alexander Siedschlag
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Tackling urban security and crime prevention with an innovative approach and a multidisciplinary methodology is the aim of ToNite.
The project arises from the belief that urban security is linked to a proper and diverse use of public spaces. A pleasant and liveable public space offering social, cultural and economic activities and initiatives to citizens, encourages a positive and secure attendance of it.
The idea of the ToNite project is to activate and engage the local community in the design of new possible solutions to answer to a complex urban issue – the one of urban security in public spaces and crime prevention – during evening and night-time hours.
Therefore, the City of Turin has activated a collaborative process for supporting and promoting the delivery of community-based services and initiatives, empowering and co-creating social impact initiatives with local stakeholders (such as local associations and organisations, social enterprises, citizens…) to put in place in the targeted project area.
Together with this action, the City of Turin co-designed with local communities new urban regeneration intervention, aimed at improving social cohesion and protection in the use of public spaces at evening and night time.
The experimentation of these participatory actions and initiatives led to a new common and shared use and perception of public spaces and security.
Simone D'Antonio
 Simone D'Antonio
Simone d'Antonio is in charge of capitalization activities of EU funds and programs at the Italian Association of Municipalities (ANCI). In the framework of EU co-funded programs on sustainable urban development such as URBACT, Urban Innovative Actions and Urban Agenda for the EU, he supported many Italian and European cities in developing integrated action plans and innovative projects, promoting the knowledge emerged from these initiatives to a wider audience. In the framework of the ToNite project of Turin he manages the communication activities and presented the project at the occasion of many international events, such as the World Urban Forum of Katowice.


Monday 12th of June 2023
3:00 - 3:45 pm
Room: Mahler Saal II