Contemporary technology and crime prevention

Jagiellonian University in Krakow

The aim of this poster is to present on-going PhD research in the field of preventing crime. In my work, I am focusing on the relationship between contemporary technology and crime prevention. The subject of research is the phenomenon of people and groups being monitored with the use of modern technology, tools and application. In particular, work relate to the network of interrelationships of personal and detailed information derived from such sources as (for example): autonomous video surveillance systems (e.g. INDECT system), tracking and location determination systems, systems for collecting data on preferences, behaviours and spending habits, internet fingerprint (internet shadow) control systems. The research problem is to analyse the usefulness and effectiveness of the above techniques to obtain information about specific entities for the purpose of crime prevention and criminal law repression, as well as the verification of the legality and admissibility in the modern democratic state.

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Crime Prevention