How to prevent crime and disorder at university - the Integrated Safety Policy in Lesser Policy

Jagiellonian University in Krakow

The aim of this paper is to present underlying assumptions, methods and objectives of the programme ‘The Integrated Safety Policy’ for ensuring security and maintaining public order at higher education institutions in Lesser Poland, especially in Krakow. The programme is coordinated by Voivodeship Police Headquarters in Krakow to establish good preventive cooperation among city police and higher education institutions. It is assumed that creating and maintaining a secure university campus can enhance the quality of education, which means that a proactive approach (safety programs, preventive actions addressed to students, internal anti-harassment, anti-discrimination policies, preventive cooperation with the police etc.) should be emphasized. The programme also takes into account implementation of the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design concept and provides university to receive a certificate of “The Higher Education Institution which Promotes Safety and Security”. According to the article 227 of the Polish Law on Higher Education makes the rector responsible for maintenance of order and security on the premises of higher education institution. The main question is how to do it? The above mentioned programme helps to emphasize the proactive, preventive approach to the issue.

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Crime Prevention