Die Internationalen „Daily Prevention News“ des Deutschen Präventionstages im September 2020

Nachfolgend finden sich die Links zu den im Vormonat veröffentlichten DAILY PREVENTION NEWS in englischer Sprache:

30.09.: Guideline - Building Perimeter Protection

29.09.: Watch a "live-hack" and the closing event of the German Prevention Congress

28.09.: Today!! Opening of the 25th German Crime Prevention Congress

27.09.: 40 days safer cities challenge

26.09.: #weplayfair - Make Amateur Sport Tolerant by Eliminating Racism and Discrimination

25.09.: Guns, Safety, and the Edge of Adulthood in New York City

24.09.: False equivalencies: Online activism from left to right

23.09.: A Co-Responder Model for Policing Mental Health Problems at Crime Hot Spots: Findings from a Pilot Project

22.09.: CoronaCrime #20

21.09.: 25th German Prevention Congress (DPT) - Opening live stream with English Translation

20.09.: Technological solutions for the protection of public spaces

19.09.: EU strategy on the rights of the child (2021-24)

18.09.: German state suspends 29 police officers in far-right online chat group

17.09.: OECD Report: Education at a Glance 2020

16.09.: Homeless People in Public Space and the Politics of (In)visibility

15.09.: CoronaCrime #19

14.09.: A Practical Guide for Establishing an Evidence Centre

13.09.: Do far-right mayors increase the probability of hate crimes? Evidence from Italy

12.09.: Fundamental Rights Report 2020

11.09.: Review of the Australian Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking and Slavery

10.09.: EU Security Union Strategy 2020

09.09.: Missing people and the desperate search by those left behind

08.09.: CoronaCrime #18

07.09.: Crime and Fear in Public Places

06.09.: Making Sense of a Global Pandemic: Relationship Violence

05.09.: The 24h Conference on Global Organized Crime

04.09.: Risks of Discrimination through the Use of Algorithms

03.09.: Heroin is now a major urban development challenge in Africa

02.09.: Watch 17 experts talking about Smart Prevention - Prevention in a Digital World

01.09.: CoronaCrime #17

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