Designing Security Futures - Framing European Security through Human-Centred Innovation

The DPT is participating as a partner in the 36-month project "Cutting Crime Impact – Practice-based innovation in preventing, investigating and mitigating high-impact petty crime". CCI aims to encourage wider EU adoption of effective approaches to safety and security, and will develop an extended European Security Model that includes high-impact petty crime and citizens’ feelings of insecurity. The project is funded by the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Now the project is coming to and end and we are very pleased that CCI´s final Conference Designing Security Futures will take place on Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 November 2021 at Le Bouche à Oreille, in the heart of Brussels, and online.


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We now make available to you the YouTube links where you'll be able to watch the conference live from home:

DAY 1 | Designing Security Futures - Framing European Security through Human-Centred Innovation

DAY 2 | Designing Security Futures - Framing European Security through Human-Centred Innovation


CCI enabled six law enforcement agencies (LEAs) to adopt a human-centred innovation process for researching, defining, developing and demonstrating practical solutions to real problems facing police, their partners and citizens.

Designing Security Futures attendees will learn about adopting a human-centred innovation approach in the security context. Speakers will explore how the approach:

  • Enables problem framing – so the right problem is being tackled
  • Ensures feasibility – so solutions perform as intended
  • Improves implementation – so solutions suit the identified user group and context — be they police officers, policymakers or citizens.

Designing Security Futures explores and discusses the results of CCI with presentations of the eight Tools developed by LEA project partners.

Designing Security Futures addresses security policy at the EU, state and local levels, introducing a new and extended European Security Model. Policy papers will be launched in four areas: (i) Predictive Policing; (ii) Community Policing; (iii) Crime Prevention through Urban Design & Planning (CP-UDP); and (iv) Citizens' feelings of insecurity.

This event will include presentations, discussions and workshops exploring human-centred approaches to innovating security solutions and ways of integrating different strategies across EU contexts.