29th German Crime Prevention Congress Starts TODAY

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Our 29th German Crime Prevention Congress starts today. The main topic of this years congress is

"Security in Change"

Security is a central concept and reference point in violence and crime prevention. However, even if this term resonates with a sense of stability and constancy, it is clear that both the meaning of the concept of security and the tasks involved in achieving security are undergoing considerable change. Changes are also taking place with regard to the question of who is responsible for ensuring the security of individuals and society.

Changes in security perceptions and requirements are caused by social and demographic processes, current crises and technical developments, among other things. Digital spaces in particular are giving rise to new crime phenomena and opportunities to commit offences. The distinction between objective and subjective security, as well as the realisation that these two facets are not congruent, is now commonplace. It is clear that the concept of security is not fixed but socially negotiated and shaped. As part of the 29th Annual Congress, the German Congress on Crime Prevention will therefore analyse how security is currently defined and what the main current challenges are.

In the run-up to the congress, four scientific experts are reflecting, on how security is changing.

The main statements are summarised in a short video.

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