Responsible and Safe AI: A Primer for Policymakers in the Global South

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In an era when artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming global politics, economies, and societies, the need for informed and responsible AI policymaking has never been more urgent.

Recognizing this demand, the Igarape Institute and New America have just released a comprehensive guide, “Responsible and Safe AI: A Primer for Policymakers in the Global South.” The report offers practical recommendations aiming at assisting leaders and policymakers in the Global South with navigating AI implementation, governance, and security challenges.

The publication is a result of the collaborative efforts of the Global Task Force on Predictive Analytics for Security and Development, comprising 15 of the world’s leading thinkers, practitioners, and advocates. They come from five continents and represent a diversity of backgrounds and identities, including technologists, lawyers, journalists, activists, academics, entrepreneurs, and a Nobel laureate. Convened in 2022, the group generated recommendations to ensure more accountable, transparent, and ethical AI in Global South contexts.

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