Our cities are in trouble - Facing A Wicked Convergence

Our cities are in trouble and despite the naysayers all we need to do is look at the data and the wicked issues we continue to face in Canada and around the world. Crime, homelessness, addiction and mental health have all converged making for a very gloomy outlook following the hardships we have already endured following a world-wide pandemic. And to boot bankruptcies are predicted to be off the charts in 2024.

While a favourite response to this question has always been collaboration even that may require some further re-thinking as another year is almost upon us. How about a Community Safety Plan? Yes, but who is creating the plan might be a better question. If it's those so-called leaders mentioned earlier that are controlling this process we’d better start asking more questions. What real expertise or practical experience do most of these people hold? Are they actually even qualified to lead us down the right path and who is convening them in the first place?

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