A Guide For Mayors For Preventing and Responding to Hate, Extremism & Polarisation

This Guide captures these experiences and packages them in an accessible way for mayors and other local leaders working in all contexts, whether they are entering office for the first time or working to make addressing hate and extremism a greater priority in their city. The purpose of this Guide is to help prepare mayors to address threats from hate, extremism and polarisation, and the misinformation, disinformation and conspiracy narratives that increasingly fuel them.

It emphasises both the importance of being proactive by taking preventative measures to build socially cohesive and resilient cities and responding in a way that minimises the social, economic and other fallout that can result if and when these threats manifest in violence.

This Guide does this by:

  • Addressing key questions mayors might have about dealing with these challenges, whether while preparing to take office or performing their duties.
  • Exploring key decision points for mayors in pursuit of prevention and response when these threats manifest in violence.
  • Sharing relevant good practices and lessons learned from other mayors, including those related to building resilient and cohesive cities in various contexts.

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