Learning how to apply strategic foresight in civic education

Amidst a generation grappling with an uncertain future, it is clear that traditional problem-solving approaches are ill-equipped to meet the challenges ahead. This realisation has led to the emergence of strategic foresight as a powerful method for navigating uncertainty and shaping the future. Once utilised in the security and defence sectors, its application has expanded to policy-making bodies such as the European Commission and OECD.

Many civil society organisations (CSOs) are also investing in practices for futures preparedness, analysing alternative futures and building anticipatory capacity in the attempt to strengthen crisis response mechanisms, but also to proactively shape the future. In the following, we are exploring the concept of foresight, its distinction from forecasting, and most importantly how incorporating strategic foresight into the civil society sector, and civic education in particular, can foster agility and empower citizens.

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