Webinar: Immigration - The CPTED Perspective

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Immigration is a constant phenomenon, for evolving and changing reasons, like climate, threats, livelihood, survival and many more. This has been happening throughout history and is likely to continue despite all the check and controls there may be. There are positives and negatives that are attributed to this movement of humans depending upon the perspective it is being viewed from.

Immigrations and immigrants in particular are traditionally stigmatized for crime rates in their host countries. Immigration very often is considered synonymous with crime. Can we prevent crime by preventing immigration? Is the onus of crime prevention on the immigrants? What is the real relationship from the CPTED viewpoint?

The International CPTED Association brings you a discussion on this very vital aspect of global life today, in a systematically curated panel discussion with experts dealing with diverse aspects of this phenomenon. It will include discussions from multiple dimensions including the ones added by the online participants. 

Being a global event, with relevance to all regions, we understand that the time slot may not be convenient for all. Hence we strongly recommend that you register to be able to receive the recording and also share any specific queries you have. Even if you are not connected to ask the question, we will try to include your question in the broadcast for the benefit of all.  

Topics will include:

  • The role of CPTED in the phenomenon called immigration
  • The role of CPTED in crime prevention attributed to immigrants
  • The role of CPTED in making the immigrants secure and making them feel secure
  • The role of the 3 generations of CPTED in the immigration phenomenon
  • The impact on children and related experiments on the same

The webinar will take place Saturday, 8 July 2023.

16:00 GMT

18:00 CEST (e.g. Amsterdam)

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