Preventing Gun Violence in America: What Works and What is Possible

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Too often, Americans are confronted with stories of violence in the news. Senseless mass shootings, entrenched violence in often disadvantaged communities, and tragic suicides seem to have become daily occurrences. Guns are intrinsically dangerous objects, but despite the prevalence of guns in America and our long history of private gun ownership, gun violence is not uniformly distributed across the nation or time. Policies seem to make a difference.

The authors of this volume agree that there is much to learn from past and present gun laws and how they have shaped and been shaped by America’s relationship with firearms. Unique for a topic that so polarizes our political establishment, this volume sticks to the facts and advances no particular agenda or cause – except that of achieving fewer gun injuries and deaths. Instead, the authors present fresh research and suggest workable solutions, making it essential reading for policymakers, practitioners, and voters alike. We congratulate them on their contribution to this crucial national conversation. 

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