Justice Navigator: A tool for equitable policing

It is now clearer than ever that Black and Brown communities and other traditionally marginalized people have been subject to greater burden and harm by police than others. But those different experiences have too often been ignored or disputed. The Justice Navigator assessment shows where there are racial disparities in policing, how large those disparities are, and which parts are likely because of police behavior and policy (as opposed to other factors). The Justice Navigator is a project of the Center for Policing Equity (CPE), a research and action organization that uses science to identify and reduce the causes of racial disparities in police interactions and advocate for large-scale and meaningful change in public safety.

The assessments that have been made public by agencies are available on the Justice Navigator homepage, with more being added regularly. The data available in the Justice Navigator can be used to understand the scale and factors related to burdensome policing of Black and Brown communities and therefore can be a tool to make change. This platform also contains direct advice to help law enforcement agencies and communities work toward equitable public safety.

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