Call for Abstracts: 23rd Annual of the European Society of Criminology

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The call for abstracts is open. The ESC accepts five types of submissions:

  1. Individual paper: submission for individual paper presentations must include a title, a paper abstract, as well as author name and affiliation. Individual papers with more than one author may also be submitted. Please mind: individual paper presentations are primarily intended for research that is close to being completed or where significant work has already been done. Upcoming research projects are better suited for a poster presentation. Individual papers will be arranged into panels by working groups and the conference organizers.
  2. Pre-arranged panels: submissions for pre-arranged panels must include a panel title and a panel abstract, as well as titles, abstracts, author information (name and affiliation) for each individual paper within a panel. Pre-arranged panels are intended for individual presentations that are closely linked thematically and complement each other. Pre-arranged panels shall have four or five papers. Panels with less or more papers cannot be submitted.
  3. Poster presentations: submissions for poster presentation must include title, abstract, as well as author name and affiliation. Posters are primarily intended for junior scholars, as well as research project that have not been started yet, or where little progress have been made.
  4. Roundtables: submission for roundtable sessions must include roundtable title and abstract, as well as, at a minimum, participant information (name and affiliation). Roundtables are intended to be more informal than pre-arranged panels, as well as more flexible in their setup and content. The intended format shall be indicated in the roundtable abstract. Roundtables might involve the discussion of a topic, a series of topics; alternatively, roundtables might also include the presentation of one or more fully fledged papers, with the other participants acting as discussants (in the latter case, the submission shall also include paper title, paper abstract and author information).
  5. Author meets critics: submission for author meets critics sessions shall include author(s), book title(s), as well as the name or affiliation of up to three or four critics. Author meets critics sessions are intended for a discussion and critiquing of a single book or up to three thematically closely related books. Please note that the books must appear in print before the submission deadline (15 April) to give critics and conference participants enough time to familiarize themselves with their content. Author meets critics sessions are intended for published books only. Book manuscripts and journal articles can be the subject of a roundtable discussion.

Submission deadline is April 15.

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