Mapping Environmental Crime in the Amazonas

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The Amazon Basin spans eight countries and is home to some of the most important rainforests and water reserves on the planet. The Igarape Institute's new data visualization platform provides an overview of the ways in which environment crime threatens the region's forests, traditional peoples and communities, and biodiversity.

The platform offers an immersive experience showing how land grabbing, illegal logging, wildcat mining and the illicit wildlife trade are damaging our climate. It also reveals the many social challenges emerging from environment crimes, including corruption, slavery and violence.

The data visualization features a series of stories from the front-lines. Users can hone in on specific areas of the map to uncover trends and patterns. Throughout 2021, new stories and datasets will become available, to help decision-makers, journalists, activists, researchers and concerned citizens understand what's at stake.

Check out the Explore tab to explore specific types of environment crime and some of their consequences. Information is empowering. It is the first step to taking informed action. The Amazon is reaching a catastrophic tipping point, and efforts to disrupt and dismantle environment crime are more urgent than ever.

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