Webinar Series: Queering the City: A LGBTQ+ Perspective on Safety and Mobility

A sustainable city is a safe place, one that allows movement without fear of crime, victimization, or harassment, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity (UN-Habitat, 2019; Swedish Government, 2021). Current dominant approaches to public safety and feminist urban planning have not yet been fully employed to accommodate the safety needs of LGBTQ+ individuals.

This seminar series invites you to reflect upon what happens in public places in terms of incidences of discrimination and crime and why planning theory and practices are failing to ensure the safety needs of LGBTQ+ individuals.

Four webinars invite participants to delve into the meaning of places of vulnerability and victimization but more importantly, of places that represent an individual’s resistance, activism, and empowerment. We wish to unravel forms of resistance that manifest against structures of power in everyday queer lives in the rural-urban continuum.

Webinar 1 – Cities and Queer spaces: Learning from the past and the present – 3 March

Webinar 2 – Queer Victimization and Resistance through Intersectional Lens – 12 May

Webinar 3 –  Queer Rights and Safety Planning Perspectives and Practices – 15 September

Webinar 4 – Queering the City: Beyond current planning theory and practice – 17 November

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