Online Seminar: Cutting Crime Impact in Estonia: Building Safer Cities Together

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The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board (PJP) have set as one of its strategic objectives the creation of a safe environment for their citizens. Creating a safe space is about preventing crime through the design of the environment. This requires a common understanding of the role of the Estonian Police within the urban development process, and for there to be communication and collaboration between the police and local planners, architects, designers and development companies.

During the Cutting Crime Impact (CCI) project PJP created the Building Safer Cities Together tool, with the aim of developing a comprehensive, methodical and collaborative approach for the development of safe spaces following CP-UDP principles. The tool comprises a training programme, policy guide and process protocol to enable the Estonian police to support the effective planning, design and development of safe urban environments.

The CCI and DPT online seminar will take place Tuesday, October 12, 4 - 5 pm (CET)

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