European Drug Report 2021

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Since early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the way we live, as countries in Europe and around the world have had to introduce unprecedented measures to protect public health. All aspects of the phenomenon in Europe, including the production, trafficking, distribution and use of drugs, have also been affected by this crisis.

The European Drug Report (EDR) 2021: Trends and Developments provides an overview of these developments and, supported by the Statistical Bulletin, presents the latest data and statistics from our national partners. This report offers you a top-level overview in a concise graphics-rich format, with links to a wealth of online information provided by the EMCDDA.

This year’s EDR identifies the continued and escalating challenges to both public health and our security created by the trafficking of drugs into Europe and the production of illicit drugs within our borders. The resilience of organised crime groups involved in the drug trade is highlighted by the preliminary finding that the availability of drugs in Europe has not been seriously affected by the current pandemic. Rather, we continue to observe the risks to public health arising from the availability and use of a wide range of substances, often of high potency or purity.

The annual EMCDDA report is available in 23 European languages.

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