Consortium wants to set up a Global Registry of Violent Deaths

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The Global Registry of Violent Deaths (GReVD, pronounced like ”grieved”) will be a database of every violent death coded by time and location. The primary use of the registry will be monitoring and counting violent deaths as an important part of monitoring global violence trends. Furthermore, it is expected that the database will be an important record and recognition of lives lost to violence.

The GReVD website acts as a resource hub for information about the GReVD initiative, data and estimates on violent deaths and will include the GReVD database itself. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) and the Brookings Institution convene the consortium on behalf of partners. Currently, the GReVD website contains general information about the initiative including profiles of consortium members. The website also maintains a resources section which contains short briefs that introduce GReVD and the methodological hurdles faced by the initiative.

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