16th World Congress on Public Health

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Global temperatures lie far beyond historical records and there are real fears that we are reaching a tipping point. Threats to food and water supply, poverty and inequalities are leading to mass migration and conflict. Political structures, at national, regional, and global level, are struggling to respond. International agreements, on climate change, nuclear weapons, and much else, are being torn up. The Enlightenment view, that policy should be shaped by evidence, is being rejected by some leading politicians. At a time when global solidarity is required, populist politicians are exploiting divisions.

The theme of the Congress "Public Health for the Future of Humanity: Analysis, Advocacy, and Action" reflects the firm commitment that the global public health community has an obligation to respond to emerging global threats and challenges. We will explore this further in our plenary programme.

The congress will take place in Rome in Italy, 12 – 17 October 2020.

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Participate at the 16th World Congress on Public Health by sharing your work with colleagues. The congress offers excellent opportunities to learn from the latest research and practice, to network with experts and colleagues and to expand your professional horizons. Abstracts are invited for world leadership dialogues, workshops and single presentations in all areas of public health research, practice, policy and education.

Abstract submission is open from 1 December 2019 to 1 March 2020.

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