Children’s Rights and Business in a Digital World

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As more children around the world spend more time on the Internet in more ways, it becomes increasingly essential to appreciate what children’s rights mean in a digital world. While there is now a widely accepted public imperative to protect children from harm, abuse and violence online, there has been comparatively little consideration of how to empower children as active digital rights holders. At the same time, the rapidly expanding power and reach of the ICT sector have thrust communications and technology companies into key policy debates on the risks and opportunities children encounter online. This series of discussion papers seeks to explore the relationship between children’s rights, business and the Internet in greater detail. The discussion papers address central themes, including children’s rights to privacy, freedom of expression, information, education and non-discrimination. While the issues presented are by no means exhaustive, it is hoped that these discussion papers will contribute to broaden the conversation on children’s rights and business in a digital world.

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