Workshop: Innovative Market Solutions for Public Security & upcoming trends in tools for public authorities

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For Law Enforcement Authorities (LEA) and other security stakeholders, social media is used for monitoring suspicious content, intelligence gathering as well as engagement with the public. In day-to-day policing, social media have disrupted markets and operationally how public authorities function. Citizens have been empowered, through social media to investigate crimes, identify criminals and report to public authorities. The use of social media and social platforms as hubs for information sharing about certain incidents, criminal acts and suspects between citizens and LEAs has radically changed the interface between LEAs and citizens.

The monitoring of social media and platforms has proven an effective measure for public authorities to extend their reach and gather intelligence beyond traditional means. The amount of data, that advanced tools and solutions can nowadays process were unimaginable only 5 years ago. However, such monitoring is not without its challenges. Individual’s privacy can be undermined and in certain cases it may lead to discrimination including retaliatory actions from public authorities on certain groups.

The aim of this workshop is to create a common vision and agenda for the technological future of policing through the usage of innovation in social media. It will be discussed how cutting-edge technology like Virtual and Augmented Reality will integrate in security and what are the challenges and opportunities of such technology. Do we need more training and education towards authorities for faster adaptation to new technologies and the legal and ethical issues raising with the advanced usage of social media? These questions will be addressed through a creative and open-minded dialogue based on organisational and operational experiences. All discussions will be held in the confidence during the workshop.

The workshop is part of the EU funded MEDI@4SEC research project and an opportunity for LEAs and other public security provider to engage and share views with solutions providers, social network representatives, end-users and entrepreneurs. Participation is free of charge and travel expenses can be reimbursed. 

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