Liaisons: A toolkit for preventing violent extremism through youth information

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The European Youth Information and Counselling Agency (ERYICA) has published a manual for the prevention of youth violent extremism through youth information. The Liaisons manual aims to equip those in contact with a young public with the necessary skills to help young people build up their resistance and critical thinking skills, so as not to become attracted by extremist ideas & groups. The toolkit is available in English and French.

The manual is first and foremost a practical tool, targeted at those who come into contact with young people. The first part of the toolkit allows the reader to understand the mechanisms and the reasons behind violent extremism. It aims to define the role of youth information and youth work in the prevention of radicalisation leading to violence.

The tool box is a collection of over 40 activities that have been selected due to their relevance and their capacity to have a positive impact on young people.

Download Liaisons Toolkit
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