Call for Papers - Cybercrime: interdisciplinary approaches to cutting crime and victimisation in cyber space

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‘Cybercrime’ has developed from the old narrower concepts of computer crime and e-crime into a much broader concept covering many different forms of criminal activity in cyberspace. Although some law enforcement agencies use ‘cyber-dependent crime’ and ‘cyber-enabled crime’ to classify cybercrime, the boundary between cybercrime and traditional forms of crime has never been clear-cut and is becoming increasingly blurred due to the level of hyper-connectivity in today’s highly digitized and networked world. The ubiquitous use of the Internet and smart mobile devices in people’s everyday lives, the wide adoption of cloud-based services by industry and government, and, for example, the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), the Internet of Everything (IoE), and the Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs), lead to the widely accepted belief that almost all criminal activities have some cyber elements. As a consequence, digital forensics (or cyber forensics) have become an essential part of almost all crime investigation processes of law enforcement around the world.

This Call for Papers is open from now until 31 May 2018.  The journal does charge a fee of £730. Submitted papers will be reviewed in a timely manner and published directly after acceptance (i.e. without waiting for the accomplishment of all other contributions). Thanks to the Crime Science open access policy, the articles published in this thematic series will have a wide, global audience.

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