9 World Urban Forum - WUF 9

The World Urban Forum is organised by UN-Habitat and will take place from 7 to 13 February 2018 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center.

WUF 9 aims at:

  • Raising awareness of sustainable urbanization among stakeholders and constituencies, including the general public 
  • Increasing coordination and cooperation between different stakeholders and constituencies for the advancement and implementation of sustainable urbanization
  • Improving the collective knowledge of sustainable urban development through inclusive open debates, sharing of lessons learned and the exchange of urban solutions and good policies
  • Offering a platform to incorporate the inputs of multilateral organizations and stakeholders into the reporting of the implementation of the New Urban Agenda.

The Forum will also contribute to global mobilization towards advocating for the common vision on sustainable urban development in advancing on the achievement of the Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. Safety and Security in cities and for citizens are one important issue of the New Urban Agenda as well as of the Sustainable Development Goals. Urban safety and the construction of livable cities is a major task for cities and local authorities and therefore will be addressed at the conference. 

Conference Website

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