Gender biased police misbehavior - Analyzing deviant police practices and female offenders' experiences

Police deviance covers all forms of illegal and unethical conduct by police. Previous research has revealed that the occurrence of police criminal and corrupt activities not only destabilizes the police organization’s legitimacy, but also affects that of the State. This qualitative study analyzes in detail the circumstances in which police deviance occurred in Ecuador after the democratic transition (1979-2010), as well as the factors influencing this behavior. It employs a Routine Activities theory perspective. The study also examines the distinct strategies employed by female offenders to resist their victimization by the police. The study was based on 51 oral testimonies from female inmates and 50 in-depth interviews with police officers. The qualitative part of the research was complemented by archival information found in court documents and female prisoner’s files produced between 1979 and 2010.

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