Local Institutions Against Violent Extremism - Efus European Project

Elizabeth Johnston
European Forum for Urban Security (Efus)

In the face of radicalisation and violent extremism, repressive responses are not enough. To fight these phenomena, it is primordial to act preventively. In addition to policing and justice policies, the crime prevention policy must mobilise local partnership schemes in order to strengthen the resilience of individuals and groups to the risk of radicalisation. Because they are close to citizens, local and regional authorities are strategically positioned to put in place such preventive actions and to mobilise all the relevant local stakeholders.
Between 2014 and 2016, Efus led the first LIAISE project which created a training programme on the prevention of radicalisation tailored to the needs of local stakeholders. The knowledge, training modules and recommendations created as part of this project are presented in a publication, Preventing and Fighting Radicalisation at the Local Level. LIAISE 2, launched in 2016, is the continuity of LIAISE 1. The objectives are to strengthen and broaden the existing partnership and to help local authorities implement local policies to prevent radicalisation. LIAISE 2 gathers 33 partners from 10 EU countries. 17 partners will implement a training session and a local pilot activity, fitted to their needs, on one of the following issues: resilience and prevention in schools, counter-narratives, support to families, and disengagement.

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