Internationale „Daily Prevention News“ des Deutschen Präventionstages im Januar 2019

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Nachfolgend finden sich die Links zu den im Vormonat veröffentlichten DAILY PREVENTION NEWS in englischer Sprache:

31.01.: Blog: Looking through the Positive Safety Lens

30.01.: Call for Experts on Polarisation and Urban Security

29.01.: Insights from and for Public Safety Management

28.01.: Study: Foreign Aid Can Dampen Migration If It Improves Public Services

27.01.: Report: Organised Residential Burglary

26.01.: Training: Human Trafficking - Global and Local Perspectives

25.01.: Guidance for Victims of Terrorism

24.01.: Safe Public Spaces: Streets for Kids!

23.01.: Conference: Community Sanctions and Measures in Eurasia

22.01.: UNODC Report: Gender-related killing of women and girls

21.01.: Are Risky Places Really Risky?

20.01.: Increased Gun Violence Among Young Males in Sweden: a Descriptive National Survey and International Comparison

19.01.: Indicators of Immigrant Integration

18.01.: Street Pastors: On security, care and faith in the British night-time economy

17.01.: Objectivity and accountability in migration control using risk assessment tools

16.01.: Children of Organized Crime Offenders: Like Father, Like Child?

15.01.: RAN Young Empowerment Academy

14.01.: 1st International Conference for Victim Support Asia

13.01.: International Police Executive Symposium

12.01.: Homicide Clearance in Western Europe

11.01.: FRA Report: Antisemitism in Europe has become disturbingly normalised

10.01.: General Theory and Global Criminology: Childhood Environments, Problem Behaviors, and a Focus on Prevention

09.01.: UN recognises role of sport for the prevention of crime

08.01.: Global Report on Trafficking in Persons

07.01.: Factors associated with youth gang membership in low- and middle-income countries

06.01.: Annual Violence Prevention Grants 2019

05.01.: 4th World Congress on Probation

04.01.: The impact of a parenting programme for the early prevention of violence against children in Uganda

03.01.: European Symposium: Low Risk Drug Consumption Rooms in Europe

02.01.: Will Targeting CJNG Finances Help Mexico Break Powerful Crime Group?

01.01.: 6th Global Conference on Violence Against Women 2019 - Abstract Submission and Early Bird

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