Internationale „Daily Prevention News“ des Deutschen Präventionstages im Juli 2018

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Nachfolgend finden sich die Links zu den im Vormonat veröffentlichten DAILY PREVENTION NEWS in englischer Sprache:

31.07.: Interpersonal Violence Prevention Change Package

30.07.: Conference: Crime and fear in public places - patterns, challenges and actions

29.07.: A Successful Model That Predicts and Prevents Violence

28.07.: Addressing Anti-Semitism Through Education: Guidelines for Policymakers

27.07.: Inclusive Integration Strategies for Intercultural Cities in Europe

26.07.: Violence Against Children in Southeast Asia

25.07.: Conspiracism and extremism: What role for prevention and local actors?

24.07.: Modern Crime Statistics to deliver better Data for less Crime

23.07.: Evidence-Based Crime Policy

22.07.: Freedom here, punished by death there: LGBTI rights worldwide

21.07.: Institute for Global City Policing

20.07.: Facts on Teen Dating Abuse

19.07.: IX Annual Conference of the Victimology Society of Serbia New and Old Forms of Victimization: Challenges for Victimology Theory and Practice

18.07.: Local and national policies against discrimination, hate crimes and radicalisation in Poland

17.07.: Mano Dura: The costs and benefits of repressive criminal justice for young people in Latin America

16.07.: SafeGrowth: Building Neighborhoods of Safety & Livability

15.07.: Social rejection is painful and can lead to violence. Mindfulness may provide a solution.

14.07.: Xenophobic Violence in South Africa

13.07.: Human Rights and Criminal Justice Responses to Terrorism

12.07.: Workshop: Innovative Market Solutions for Public Security & upcoming trends in tools for public authorities

11.07.: Why turning homelessness into a crime is cruel and costly

10.07.: Rio de Janeiro's militia on the rise (again)

09.07.: Discussing Taboos and Controversial Issues in order to Prevent Radicalisation

08.07.: Call for Papers: Significance of Race and Ethnicity in Bullying

07.07.: Global Prison Trends 2018

06.07.: European prevention campaign on pickpocketing

05.07.: Webinar: How Social and Emotional Learning Can Help Prevent Bullying

04.07.: World Drug Report 2018: opioid crisis, prescription drug abuse expands; cocaine and opium hit record highs

03.07.: UN High-level Conference on Counter-Terrorism

02.07.: International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect

01.07.: Migration maps: Where refugees come from and where they’re headed

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