Internationale "Daily Prevention News" des Deutschen Präventionstages im Februar 2018

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Nachfolgend finden sich die Links zu den im Vormonat veröffentlichten DAILY PREVENTION NEWS in englischer Sprache:

28.02.: Ideology is not main factor that pushes children to join terrorist groups

27.02.: Symposium on Combating Terrorism in Europe

26.02.: Inventory of Evidence-Based, Research-Based, and Promising Programs for Adult Corrections

25.02.: 2018 CEMR Conference on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

24.02.: UNODC launches Handbook on Children Recruited and Exploited by Terrorist Groups

23.02.: International Perspectives of Crime Prevention

22.02.: The Blueprints Conference 2018 - cost-effective and proven prevention programmes

21.02.: Which Latin American Countries Got Safer in 2017?

20.02.: What works in situational crime prevention? A systematic overview of recently published meta evaluations

19.02.: Call for Abstracts for the 9th EUSPR Conference on Prevention Technologies

18.02.: 2nd International Criminal Justice Summer Course, Barcelona

17.02.: The same psychological mechanism explains violence among Muslim and Western extremists

16.02.: UNODC and OSCE Secretariat sign new 2018-2019 joint action plan with a strong focus on crime prevention

15.02.: 19th World Congress of Sociology: Power, Violence and Justice

14.02.: One billion rising to end violence against women

13.02.: Research Summary: Review of Evidence-Based Registries Relevant to Crime Prevention

12.02.: Australian Crime Prevention and Communities Conference

11.02.: Fraud offences and their prevention

10.02.: Violence against Children Surveys: Towards a Violence-Free Generation

09.02.: 9 World Urban Forum - WUF 9

08.02.: EU Security Union Progress Report

07.02.: Public Consultation on EU funds in the area of Cohesion

06.02.: Safer Internet Day 2018

05.02.: 8th Annual International Symposium on Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling

04.02.: Call for Papers - Cybercrime: interdisciplinary approaches to cutting crime and victimisation in cyber space

03.02.: EU Report on ethical and legal issues with the use of social media for public security

02.02.: International Symposium: Tackling Gender-Based Violence in Europe

01.02.: No evidence to support link between violent video games and behaviour

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