Internationale "Daily Prevention News" des Deutschen Präventionstages im Januar 2018

Nachfolgend finden sich die Links zu den im Januar 2018 veröffentlichten Daily Prevention News (dpn) in englischer Sprache:

31.01.: End Violence against Children Solution Summit

30.01.: Role of parents to end sexual harassment and assault

29.01.: Confederation of European Probation hosts conference on Electronic monitoring (EM)

28.01.: How hate crime affects a whole community

27.01.: Integration of Migrants in the EU: Why Such Differences Between Member States?

26.01.: New EC Commissioner for Human Rights

25.01.: Nominate a candidate for the Stockholm Prize in Criminology

24.01.: Faces of human trafficking

23.01.: 21st European Police Congress in Berlin

22.01.: 16th international symposium of the world society of victimology 2018

21.01.: Reducing Urban Violence: A Contrast of Public Health and Criminal Justice Approaches

20.01.: Call for Papers for The Stockholm Criminology Symposium

19.01.: “Anti-rumour methodology” for a better integration of migrants

18.01.: 10th International European Restorative Justice Conference

17.01.: Bullying Prevention Package

16.01.: Targeting hidden roots of workplace harassment

15.01.: Understanding Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes and Addressing the Security Needs of Jewish Communities

14.01.: Call for Article Papers for a Special Edition on Cybercrime

13.01.: Social media companies could face big fines in Germany if they don’t remove hate speech

12.01.: UNODC launches publication to help Member States counter opioid crisis

11.01.: S​upport​ programmes for perpetrators of domestic abuse bring benefits

10.01.: "The home front" - series of the New York Times analysis the correlation between domestic violence and mass slayings

09.01.: Police Forces of 33 countries in the Americas sign Hemispheric Declaration against human trafficking

08.01.: International Conference: Biography and Violence - Violent Dynamics and Agency in Collective Processes and Individual Life Histories

07.01.: Police officers highly motivated by supervisor scrutiny

06.01.: Understanding radicalisation is important for criminal justice professionals

05.01.: Media representation of refugees and migrants in Europe

04.01.: Save The Date: The Stockholm Criminology Symposium June 12–14, 2018

03.01.: Preventing Discriminatory Violence at the Local Level

02.01.: Why Harm Reduction Is Crucial to the Fight Against HIV

01.01.: Catalyzing State Public Health Agency Actions to Prevent Injuries and Violence

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