Vladimir Stojanov
Uniformed police directorate

Ministry of Interior of Republic of Serbia
Boulevard of Mihajlo Pupin number 2
11000 Belgrade

After graduation from the Police Academy in 1999, Vladimir Stojanov has been building his 20 year long career in performing police duties at various work positions of managerial level.

He has gained vast experience through participation in international and domestic activities and bodies related to the development and monitoring of sports events strategies and conventions, as well as in numerous meetings and conferences in the area of preventing and supressing violent fan groups and citizen riots.

Since 2016, Vladimir has been the Head of Department for Organization of the Police, Prevention and Community Policing, within the Uniformed Police Directorate of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia.

The activities related to the area of prevention include: work in national bodies related to prevention, especially fight against drug addiction in schools and the improvement of security of pupils in schools; participation in the development of strategic documents in the area of prevention; introduction of new, contemporary models of preventive activities and community policing through the improvement of competences of the police.

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