The task force “Arbeitskreis Stiftungen ProPrävention (ASP)” [Task Force Foundations ProPrevention], which was initiated in 2015, aims at facilitating and improving the communication and networking between and with foundations supporting prevention.

The task force “Arbeitskreis Stiftungen ProPrävention (ASP)” should annually meet in the context of the German Congress on Crime Prevention. Interested decision makers and committee members of relevant foundations are warmly invited to the meetings of the task force. In addition to the non-public consultations of the task force, this website will be installed to facilitate on the one hand, the internal communication and on the other hand, the public discourse in the course of the year 2016. The kick-off event has taken place on 5th June 2016; the evening before the start of the 21st German Congress on Crime Prevention in Magdeburg. Expressions of interest for collaborations or a participation in the consultations of the ASP are requested via e-mail: