Our Team

The German Congress on Crime Prevention (GCOCP; DPT Deutscher Präventionstag) is a non-profit limited liability company. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the German Foundation for Crime Prevention and Offenders (Deutschen Stiftung für Verbrechensverhütung und Straffälligenhilfe – DVS).

In addition to organizing the annual congress, the DPT, with its Institute for Applied Prevention Research (dpt-i), is involved in various other areas of prevention. The gGmbH employs various full-time and associated employees.


Foto von Erich Marks
Executive director
Erich Marks
Foto von Dr. Claudia Heinzelmann
Senior project manager
International contacts
Dr. Claudia Heinzelmann
Project manager
Congress and participant Management
Tana Franke
Foto von Dr. Malte Strathmeier
Project manager
Public relations, social media
Dr. Malte Strathmeier
Foto von R. G.
IT-Project manager
Software development
and administration
Rolf Grimmer
Foto von Margot Krenz
Project manager
EU-Project „Cutting Crime Impact
specialist portal pufii.de
Margo Krenz
Project manager
CTC transfer office
Sven Kruppik

Associated Employees

Foto von Jennifer Bergs
Contact person for dpt-map
Jennifer Bergs
Foto von Karla Marks
Financial management and proofreading
Karla Marks
Foto von Anna Rau
Daily Prevention News
Anna Rau
Foto von Catrin Trautmann
Conference Organization
Countering Violent Extremism – CVE
Catrin Trautmann

Scientific advisors

Foto von Dr. Wiebke Steffen
Dr. Wiebke
Steffen (?)


Programme Advisory Board

Members of the Programme Advisory Board of the 23rd German Congress on Crime Prevention / 12th Annual International Forum you find here.

Office Cooperation

In the prevention house at the Aegi in Hannover the office of the German Congress of Crime Prevention (GCOCP, DPT Deutscher Preventionstag) works closely with the offices of the State Prevention Council (LPR) Niedersachen and the German-European Forum for Urban Security e.V. (DEFUS). More information about the cooperation can be found on the page of DEFUS.