Dr. Harald Weilnböck

Cultures Interactive e.V.
Bergmannstr. 10
12053 Berlin
in Berlin

Harald Weilnböck (Ph.D; PD/Asso.Prof.) – HW’ works both as practitioner and academic researcher (on professorial level). As trained psychotherapist (mostly in group settings) he practices deradicalisation interventions with young people in prison and community settings. HW studied and worked in New Haven, Los Angeles, Paris, Zurich and Berlin and received his Ph.D. at UCLA (Los Angeles) where he also completed training as research psychoanalyst at the Southern California Psychoanalytic Institute. His focus in studying violent extremism is “intervention research” on how successful methods of prevention and deradicalisation work and what their principle impact factors and necessary conditions are. HW’s general areas of scientific expertise are culture/media studies, social/ biographical and psychotherapy research and interdisciplinary narratology. From 2011 on HW consulted on the European Commission's build up of the ‘Radicalisation Awareness Network' (RAN), then co-chaired the working-group ‘Deradicalisation’ and joined the RAN Centre of Excellence in 2016. HW regularly collaborates with the OSCE, Global Counter Terrorism Forum (GCTF), the European Forum for Urban Security (EFUS), US State Dept., among others. Numerous publications and conferences. See: http://cultures-interactive.de/de/fachartikel.html - and - weilnboeck.net