Gisbon Jannecke
Training and Development

Chrysalis Academy
Porter Estate, Tokai
07966 Cape Town

Gisbon Jannecke is the current Training Operations Manager (T.O.M) at Chrysalis Academy. Before being appointed as the T.O.M, he was a Senior Instructor and was responsible for student management and execution of the structured daily programme according to a periodized plan. Gisbon graduated from the Chrysalis Academy’s 3-month structured programme in 2012 (class of 22 BRAVO) and gained valuable experience in working with Youth since then. After completing his postgraduate Internship, he started formal his studies in Child and Youth Care. He re-joined the organisation as a staff member in 2016.

Prior to joining the Chrysalis Academy as a staff member, Gisbon worked as a Child and Youth Care Worker for the Western Cape Department of Social Development. His experience is in working at Secure Care facilities with children and youth at risk and in conflict with the law.

It is clear that Gisbon’s passion is with Holistic Youth Development as he also holds a National Diploma in Fitness, which he obtained from the Sports Science Institute of South Africa. His interests and expertise are in Sports and Fitness for Youth Development and Peer mentoring.

Gisbon Jannecke