Maureen Mphaphuli
Road Safety & Crime Prevention

National Institute for Crime Prevention and Reintegration of Offenders (NICRO)
National Operations Manager
Responsible Driving Project
No 4 Buitensingel Street
08001 Cape Town

National Operations Manager (BA Social Work Honours and Social Work Management and Monitoring and Evaluation Qualifications)

Maureen Mphaphuli has social work and management qualifications and has 26 years of experience in the crime prevention field. Her career trajectory is quite astounding, and she quickly moved up the ranks in the Department of Correctional Services, from a production social worker rendering community-based services to a senior social worker responsible for managing social work services, supervising junior social workers, and monitoring and evaluating services rendered to clients for quality control.

In 2011 Maureen joined the National Department of Social Development as deputy director in social work policy development and management framework. She dealt with the establishment and management of quality assurance processes for all the service providers and programs rendered within the field in the country. Maureen also worked with NPOs in terms of funding opportunities and the capacity building for emerging NPOs and developed the guidelines that served in this regard for the Social Crime Prevention Directorate. During this period, Maureen also worked closely with NICRO. Maureen recently joined NICRO as National Operations Officer, with more than 10 years’ experience in a deputy director’s role in the Department of Social Services. As National Operations Manager, she is responsible for planning, organising, managing and regulating all operational activities within NICRO, and providing leadership, guidance and development support to the provinces in the fulfilment of NICRO’s strategic objectives. Maureen is a great addition to our team and has all the credentials to assist NICRO to focus on service excellence, streamline our operations, and drive digital transformation.

Maureen Mphaphuli