Ran Cohen

SDR® Academy
President of SDR® Academy
Whilhelmina van Pruisenweg 104
02595 Den Haag

Founder and President of Ran Cohen Invention Group ltd (1999)

Founder and President of ISCA LTD. (2004)

Founder and President of SDR ACADEMY BV (2012)

Founder and President of WEAWARE+ BV (2016)

He has an MBA from University of Derby and has been involved in the field of security since 1984, with experience ranging from the military to the Police to the ISA.

In the 1990s, Ran realized the need for early detection methods based on behavior profiling, and in 2004 launched ISCA to perfect his security method according to today‘s security threats with operational protocols and procedures. He has presented ISCA‘s ideas regarding counter-ethnic profiling procedures to UNICRI Private Public Partnerships of the UN, Open Justice Initiatives and Amnesty International at the UNICRI PPP conference, regarding efforts against ethnic profiling in public safety.

Today RCI group of companies are involved in projects such as:

- EC research and development projects

- Retail stop shop lifting

- Negate ethnic profiling in Police work in the EU

- Citizen participation neighborhoodwatch program

- Municipalities Awareness programs

- Mobile APP

- VR 360 knowledge center

- Online Awareness Knowledge Center

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