Prof. Dr. Adam Tomison

Australian Institute of Criminology
Director and Chief Executive
GPO Box 2944
02601 Canberra ACT

Dr Adam Tomison is the Director and Chief Executive of the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC). Trained as a psychologist, he is internationally recognised as an expert in the field of child abuse, the prevention of child abuse and other family violence and the development and operation of child protection and family support systems. He has worked over the past three decades with a range of government, non-government organisations and advocacy groups. Prior to his appointment with the AIC he held various senior executive positions within the Northern Territory Department of Health and Families, including the position of Director of statutory child protection services and had developed, and led a number of national violence prevention research centres at the Australian Institute of Family Studies. Dr Tomison is an Honorary Professor at the Australian Catholic University and sits on a number of Boards, including the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime, and the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect.