Belinda Wijckmans

European Crime Prevention Network (EUCPN)
Waterloolaan / Bd. de Waterloo 76
01000 Brussels

Belinda Wijckmans holds a Licence/Masters degree in sociology. She has four years of research experience as a scientific researcher at the research group Interface Demography (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium), mainly on demographic and family sociology related subjects. She has been involved in setting up and monitoring a large-scale data collection (over 12.000 respondents) in Flanders, Belgium and has adequate experience in quantitative research methods. She has published articles in numerous peer reviewed books and journals. In addition, in 2011-2012 she gained international development work experience in Western Africa as an advisor in organisational development, combining both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Since August 2012, she is Research Officer at the Secretariat of the European Crime Prevention Network (EUCPN), which means that she is responsible for the research related activities of the Network. Under the Cyprus Presidency she worked on the theme of community policing in Europe and collaborated in the creation of a toolbox for (local) policy-makers and practitioners. Currently she is working on the theme of evaluation together with the Irish Presidency, which will lead to a manual for practitioners for evaluating crime prevention projects by the summer of 2013.