Preventing Disproportunate Minority Contact – A key for successful Integration into Society

Hon. Judge Ernestine Gray
Past President of the National Council of Youth and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ), New Orleans, Louis

Notwithstanding national and local efforts over the past several decades, Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) remains a significant problem in the United States.

This session will inform about the current nature of the problem in the US and share what efforts have been made to address the problem and what are promising practices identified for successful integration of minority youth (back) in society and reducing Disproportionate Minority Contact.

Disproportunate Minority Contact with the Police and Juvenile Justice Systems seems to be not only a problem in the US, but more so a problem in other societies around the globe, hindering successful integration of minorities into society or supporting disintegration and isolation.

By sharing these efforts a discussion will be initated, if these strategies can be in any way helpful for other societies and/or to learn from the negative impact of disproportunate minority contact issues in the US. In addition, personal experiences as a female leader and member of the afro-american community, will be shared to illustrate the different shades of silent discrimination.