Present and possible strategies of preventing maladjustment in Poland

Maladjustment can be seen as an introduction to crime or self-destruction behavior or both. Therefore, we should pay more attention to this part of prevention, that can be made at school. There are some strategies which are being realized in Poland. One of them are prevention programs, other is the inclusion education addressed to the children with special needs. Both strategies are not satisfying so far and both seems to have this same problem: false assumption, in the first about system possibilities and in the second about nature of prevention. Both have also something in common: both were made without any financial support, with a faith in simple solutions made by “papers”. System changes for sure needs much more investment but it is probably not only one reason why these strategies did not succeed. The aim of the paper is critical analysis of other reasons and short discussion about possible directions to be followed in searching better, more effective solutions. Preventing maladjustment is cheaper than costs of preventing crimes or helping adults with depression or addiction. It is also easier to implement in society, because young people located in educational system are much more available than adults.

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